What Makes Us Different

What makes us different from other kennels and catteries?

At Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs, the animals’ welfare comes first. We do everything we can to make your cat’s or dog’s stay with us as pleasurable and stress-free as possible and to allow them to enjoy the holiday they deserve. This is how we earn our adopted slogan – “Where your pet takes a holiday…”

Think of what any animal feels when it is away from its normal environment and out of its comfort zone – it is likely to exhibit signs of stress and may cry or bark more than usual or perhaps exhibit unusual behaviour and change its eating and toileting patterns.

The staff at Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs collectively have many years of experience dealing with thousands of cats and dogs which have been left in our care and are able to recognise all common symptoms of distress. Our aim is to minimise any possible causes of stress even before your pet arrives and also during their stay with us.

When visiting us, you can appreciate the spacious rural setting, the dog kennels and runs which are much larger than the licence requirements and the separate cattery block set well away from the kennels, all of which undergo a rigorous daily cleaning routine. When booking in, we record on our computer system, everything which both we and you agree is important for the first-class care of your pet. Information such as feeding, medication, fears, preferences, etc. is printed and placed outside the pen so all staff members have the necessary important information at hand at all times. Caring for your pet is very much a partnership between us and you, the owner.

Think again what a typical cat or dog likes:

Dogs are not difficult to please! They like a safe comfy place to sleep, preferably their normal food, fresh water, regular walks so they have an opportunity to relieve themselves, the chance to meet other dogs to satisfy its pack instincts, plus human contact (it is man’s best friend, as the saying goes). This is why we ask all dog owners whether you wish us to exercise your dog along with other compatible dogs. We are pleased that the majority of owners recognise the importance of this ‘ritual’ for a dog’s welfare and are happy to sign for this to happen. We also recognise that not all owners feel at ease with their dog exercising with others, even under supervision, and of course we always abide by the owner’s preference.

We also offer 2 daily 20-minute walks in our large fenced Dog Parks adjacent to the premises which is particularly suitable for younger and energetic dogs whose owners know their dogs loves walks. We can say that, without fail, this has a calming effect on any dog which comes back afterwards in that it settles down easily.

All kennels can be heated according to your instructions and we are pleased to be able to offer accommodation of various styles appropriate to your dog’s needs. These include a kennel block specifically for small-breed dogs which has covered outdoor runs to protect from the elements; topped kennels and runs for dogs that jump higher than the norm; kennels with double or triple-sized outside runs suitable for large breeds and a block of VIP suites with under-floor heating and heat and sound insulation for luxurious holidays in a home-from-home setting.

We understand of course that each dog is an individual, dependant on its breed, previous training, sex, age, health, etc., and naturally take your instructions very seriously in how we deal with your trusted friend. So, following the instructions you share with us, your dog will receive its food at times it is used to, it will be exercised four times daily on grass with interaction from the staff and its kennel and run will be cleaned daily or more frequently as required. You can be sure the kennel will never smell bad!

Summing up, we aim to make your dog’s stay as stress-free as possible by providing what they like and minimising what they don’t. Our best reward is seeing a happy dog re-united with its owner and looking forward to welcoming both owner and dog back again.

Cats can be choosier than dogs, but surprisingly their needs are generally in line with their canine cousins – a cosy, preferably warm place to sleep, their normal food in sufficient quantities, fresh water, a place to relieve themselves separate from where they sleep, a quiet life and human cuddles only whey they feel like them. Cats feel safer when they are elevated and generally do not want to mix with other cats.

You will find our cattery accommodation caters well for all these needs and, as with the kennels, our cleaning routines mean that the cattery never smells bad, as litter trays are checked and cleaned or refreshed regularly as required. During winter stays, most owners opt for their cats to have heated beds and electric radiator and you will invariably find cats prefer to stay in the elevated house where they feel safest and away from the comings and goings of other cats and people. However, most cats quickly get used to the daily cycle and look forward to the staff regularly visiting and taking the opportunity to play or inviting a cuddle. This last point is what truly increases our enjoyment of caring for your cat and we know that cats like it too!

We hope it is now clear that we know how to make our guests’ stay as comfortable as possible and why you should make Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs your first choice for pet care.

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