Qualified Dog Hydrotherapy Hertfordshire

At our dog hydrotherapy centre Hertfordshire, we have a hydrotherapy pool where your dog can receive treatment from Nicky, our qualified practitioner. Dogs can be referred by your vet for acountry boarding dog hydrotherapy treatment programme for which you may be able to reclaim the cost through your insurance company.

Alternatively, ask to talk to Nicky who can advise on a programme to assist your dog with joint and mobility and recovering from illness or accident. Our large pool has water jets to encourage movement and we have a shower for use before and after a swim plus a drier.

Our all-inclusive price is £29.00 for a 30 minute session.

Call us on 01462 742658 to find out more or call Nicky on 07967 029355

See how it works below:

4 year old Pip the Labradoodle – she is more interested in the camera then swimming!

7 year old Herbie the Retriever – he has been swimming for fun since a pup!

Rosie – 18 month German Shepherd / Collie / Labrador cross  – with hip dysplasia

Nicky’s 11 year old Rottweiler – Rogue swimming against the pool jets