Kennels & Cattery Booking

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We have limited availability up to the following dates: luxury kennels 25th October and standard kennels 21st September. In addition, the luxury kennels have limited availability from 20th December to 3rd January.

If you wish to make a booking before these dates, please use the Quotation form instead. If we reply with a quotation and Booking ID you can then use the Booking form to complete the process.
N.B. If you use this page to place a booking request during the periods above and we do not have availability, we will apply a £10.00 administration fee to any requested refund.

For other bookings, availability for cats and dogs is good.

If your cat or dog has a serious medical condition or serious behaviour issue, please call us on 01462 742658 before using this form to discuss whether we are able to accommodate you.

 Posted 13/9/2019

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