Kennels & Cattery Booking

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We are closed at present for boarding but will open as soon as travel increases again. You are welcome to use this form to make bookings from June 2020 onwards. In the event you need to cancel your booking, during the Covid 19 crisis, we have made a concession that bookings may be cancelled with 7 advanced days’ notice in which case your deposit will be held on your account for future use. The luxury suites have limited availability between the following dates:

17th to 23rd June
24th June to 13th September
If you would like a quotation, please use the Quotation form instead. When we reply with a quotation and Booking ID you can then use the Booking form to complete the process.
N.B. If you use this page to place a booking request and we do not have availability within the periods above, we will apply a £10.00 administration fee to any requested refund.

If your cat or dog has a serious medical condition or serious behaviour issue, please call us on 01462 742658 before using this form to discuss whether we are able to accommodate you.

 Posted 23/3/2020

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