Kennels & Cattery Booking & Quotation

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Please see limited availability below.

Luxury suites limited 22nd October to 6th November.

Luxury suites limited 17th December to 2nd January.

Standard kennels limited 22nd to 30th October.

Cattery pens limited 22nd to 31st October.

N.B Do not choose to make a Booking during any of the dates above – make a Quotation request instead. If you use this form to place a Booking request and we do not have availability within the periods above, we will apply a £10.00 administration fee to any requested refund.

If your cat or dog has a serious medical condition or serious behavioural issue, please call us on 01462 742658 before using this form to discuss whether we are able to accommodate you.

Posted 17/10/2021

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