Electric Car Charging

In line with our commitment to reduce our climate change carbon footprint, we now have solar panels with capacity to generate 32 KW and a large 13 KWh Tesla storage battery on-site. During summer months, we are achieving up to 65% energy savings day by day. We now operate two fully electric vehicles daily which are also charged by solar energy.

However, we would also like to share our facilities with customers and visitors to enable journeys to us to also be as carbon neutral as possible. All our customers are welcome to charge their electric vehicle free of charge for up to two hours while you use any of our services. You will find it conveniently located beside our comfortable Pet Cafe which also offers free fast internet wifi. Just check at reception when you arrive if it is okay for you to plug in! (This service is subject to a charging socket being available at the time.)

We use EVcharge.online to connect. Download it to your smartphone and you can check current availability on your phone.)