Expert Puppy Training Stevenage & Hertfordshire

Beginners Puppy Class Programme

The Beginners Puppy Class runs over 6 weeks and covers


Walking on a loose lead

Coming back when called

Sit, Down, Stand

Stay in position


Leave a distraction and return to handler

Give up an article in puppy’s possession

Meet and greet other puppies in an acceptable way

How to tackle jumping up

How to tackle mouthing/nipping


What makes a reward


Time is also allocated for socialisation sessions with other puppies.

Improvers Puppy Class Programme

The Improvers course runs over 6 weeks and covers:


Send away – send dog away and get them to lay down.

Introduce to novel experiences such as tunnel, see saw, unusual surfaces, etc.

Recall to heel – recall dog to heel position and continue walking.

Find keys

Left turns, right turns & about turns in heelwork

Start of off lead heelwork

Weaving with dog

Emergency down

Develop recalls & leave

Develop stays

Calm release when letting dog off of lead

These topics should help you develop your relationship with your dog and to help you explore your dog’s potential and give you a taster of different activities you can enjoy together.

Requirements for Improvers Course

Dog should be between approximately 7 months – 2 years old.

Dogs must be able to demonstrate basic responses to most of the behaviours below:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay in position
  • Come back when called
  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Meet and greet other dogs and people in a friendly, controlled manner

It is not expected that the dog’s responses are perfect, simply that there is a starting point to work from and improve.

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