Cattery, Dog Training & Boarding Kennels Near Hitchin

Located just 10 miles from Hitchin, Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs offers a cattery, dog training services and luxury boarding kennels to suit all of you and your pet’s needs.

Our dog training courses and classes, located near Hitchin, are run by our team of experts and offer the best advice and assistance in tackling unwanted behaviours. Positive training methods are used which include food treats, verbal praise and toys.

We can offer various methods of dog training including short break training holidays, one-to-one assessments, home visits and also residential socialisation. To find out more visit our dog training in Hertfordshire page. We also offer puppy training classes, teaching toilet training and basic obedience. One hour sessions take place over a course of 6 weeks and range from beginners to advanced.

We also have a cattery boarding service, enabling you to leave your pet in quality care with our expert team. Cats may be boarded together in our spacious family rooms, or if you have a single cat it will have its own accommodation. In the colder months, a cat friendly electric radiator can be requested to keep your cat warm and comfortable. We also offer a transport service to our cattery, collecting your cat and dropping home if this is easier for you.

Going away? Our dog boarding kennels local to Hitchin, offer luxury care for your pet. You can choose from a standard kennel, or for a little added luxury, a VIP suite. Whilst single dogs will have their own accommodation, multiple dogs are able to share, and in the winter months a heat lamp can be requested for extra comfort. We can make life easier by collecting your dog and delivering them back home to you.

We also offer further services, including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for dogs who may be recovering from an accident, dog day care in Hertfordshire and dog walking services to suit your schedule. To find out more about our services local to Hitchin please call us on 01462 742658.