5 Reasons why You should get a Cat Tree for your cat

Felines great and small, have an instinct to scratch. Cats will often scratch a surface to spread their scent, exercise their muscles, and sharpen their claws. Although many outdoor moggies favour scratching trees and wooden posts, lots of indoor cats turn their attention to sofas and furniture to fulfil their natural desire to scratch. If you are worried about your sofa and furniture becoming scratched and damaged, then place a cat tree nearby. Cat trees are a welcomed pet accessory for many owners around the world.

But what are the main benefits of purchasing a cat tree?  At Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs, we have answered this frequently asked question by highlighting five reasons why you should get a cat tree. We hope you find this list helpful. Enjoy!

1. Extended Territory

Cat trees help to expand a feline’s territory. Many cat trees have various levels, and this enables a cat to have their very own designated area to recline and feel safe in. If you live in a flat or property that has limited space, then cat trees are a great way of providing more vertical territory for your pet.

2. Vantage Points

Cats will naturally climb trees and survey their territory from a high viewpoint. Cats do this to feel safe from potential predators and to get a good position to view prey. A cat tree will provide your fury feline with a safe vantage point to view their environment below.

3. Safety

Cat trees provide your feline with a safe hiding place especially if you have a busy household and there is another pet or child living with you. Cat trees often come with inbuilt hiding spaces where your cat can nestle and also feel safe and secure. Sometimes cats will fight with one another and if this happens one of them will look for a safe area where they can retreat.

4. A Designated Scratching Post

As we said above, cat trees are a great way for your pet to satisfy their natural desire to scratch. Scratching helps a cat sharpen their claws, stretch their muscles, and mark their territory when they leave behind their scent. As previously mentioned, if you are worried about your sofa and furniture becoming shredded then a cat tree is a must-have purchase for any cat owner!

5. Reduces Anxiety

Some cats can become susceptible to anxiety. Cat owners often report on their cats becoming startled when a guest arrives or notice their pet becoming startled and jumping at the slightest noise. If you have a timid cat, then consider providing them with a safe and secure place to retreat to in the form of a cat tree. Cat trees can really help reduce your pet’s anxiety and provide them with a safe a designated area to retreat to.

Closing thoughts

Did this article help you? Hopefully this article helped to answer any questions you may have of had regarding cat trees. If you are interested in boarding your cat with us, please get in touch. We are based in Baldock within Hertfordshire and provide a friendly and professional luxury cattery service. Our friendly staff are waiting to receive your call. For more information about our luxury cattery in Hertfordshire, or if you want to come and look around first, call us on 01462 742658.