Feeding Your Dog Once a Day Like Wolves, Might Be Key to Healthy Aging?

In the world of dog care, a new idea is gaining traction – feeding your furry friend once a day, inspired by their wolf ancestry. But this is not just another pet care trend; there appears to be some serious science behind it. At Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs, we have broken down the research to see if there is science supporting this theory that may ensure your dog lives a longer and healthier life. We hope you find this article as interesting as we did writing it!

1. The Evolutionary Link

Dogs and wolves share more than just a passing resemblance. Understanding the evolutionary ties between dogs and wolves may help to shed light on what is best for their health. In comparison to wolves in the wild, these giant canines do not have a daily meal routine; they instead feast and then go without, a rhythm that may be worth considering when it comes to our domesticated canine companions.

2. Intermittent Fasting

Many owners will have heard of intermittent fasting, but it might also be beneficial for our four-legged friends. Intermittent fasting triggers processes that repair cells, essentially giving them a much-needed health boost. It is like hitting refresh on your dog’s overall well-being. Feeding once a day mirrors the feast-and-famine cycle of wolves and could offer similar cellular perks for our dogs.

3. Oxidative Stress: The Aging Culprit

Oxidative stress is a term you might not have wanted to know about, but it is crucial in the study of aging. Humans who are on an intermittent fasting plan can experience lower levels of oxidative stress which ages the body. Oxidative stress is associated with aging, and feeding patterns could play a key role in managing this stress and promoting healthy aging in dogs.

4. Tailored Nutrition for Senior Dogs

As dogs age, their metabolism slows down. Older dogs typically require fewer calories to maintain their weight compared to when they were younger. Senior dogs have different dietary needs, and a once-a-day feeding routine might be more manageable for their digestive systems. By providing a nutrient-dense meal once a day allows for better absorption and consumption of essential nutrients, supporting joint health, cognitive function, and overall vitality in senior dogs.


We hope you found this article interesting. It seems feeding your dog once a day is a trending concept rooted in their natural ancestry, going back to when dogs evolved from wolves. From a scientific and nutritional perspective, there is evidence that supports the belief that an adjustment to a dog’s eating routine may benefit your furry friend’s health and lifespan. However, this is still just a theory, and we would always advise any owner to consult with their vet first, before making any significant changes to their dog’s diet.

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