Boxing Day Bliss: 6 Ways of Unwinding with Your Dog and Cat

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day, Boxing Day offers an opportunity to relax and continue the festive cheer with your beloved pets. At Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs, we have highlighted the best ways of spending Boxing Day with your dog and cat, focusing on relaxation and enjoyment for everyone. We hope you enjoy reading this article!

1. Late Morning Lounging

Start Boxing Day with a leisurely morning of lounging. Allow your pets to join you on the bed or sofa for some extra cuddle time. This relaxed start sets a calming tone for the day and allows everyone to recharge after the excitement of Christmas.

2. Boxing Day Brunch

Prepare a late brunch with leftover pet-friendly Christmas dinner ingredients. Use plain, cooked meat, and vegetables to create a tasty and healthy brunch for your pets. Serve their meal in festive pet bowls for an extra touch of holiday cheer.

3. Indoor Playtime

Engage in indoor playtime with your pets. Use toys that encourage movement and mental stimulation. For dogs, consider playing tug-of-war or hide and seek with their favourite toys. Cats often enjoy interactive laser toys or feather wands. This active playtime helps burn off excess energy and keeps your pets entertained.

4. Christmas Leftover Treat Hunt

Hide small portions of pet-friendly leftovers around the house for a treat hunt. Dogs and cats love using their senses to search for hidden goodies. This activity provides mental stimulation and a fun way for your pets to enjoy the flavours of Christmas a little longer.

5. Afternoon Winter Stroll

If the weather permits, take your dog for a peaceful winter stroll. Enjoy the quiet beauty of Boxing Day, and let your dog explore the scents and sights of the season. Dress them in a warm coat or sweater, and stroll through local dog parks or quiet streets for a relaxing outdoor activity.

6. Evening Movie Marathon

Continue the festive atmosphere with an evening movie marathon. Choose movies with calming visuals and sounds that will not startle your pets. Allow them to curl up with you on the sofa or provide a blanket fort for them to snuggle in while you enjoy some downtime.

By embracing these calming and enjoyable activities on Boxing Day, you will create a relaxed and festive atmosphere for your pets, allowing them to continue savouring the holiday season in comfort and style.

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