Buying a Puppy in Lockdown – What to Know first

As Lockdown continues and many of us are working from home, more and more people are considering this to be the perfect time to buy a puppy.

Lockdown has caused record numbers of searches for ‘puppies for sale’, in fact; The Kennel Club says searches for puppies on their website doubled between February and March 2020 when the first lockdown was announced. Furthermore, this ‘puppy boom’ has prompted many breeders to raise their prices to an all-time high.

If you are thinking of buying a puppy during lockdown, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Before you start your search, here are some important points to consider…


It is important to remember that lockdown and social distancing restrictions will make buying a puppy more difficult. Not only because you may have to travel to collect one, but also because you will need to see the puppy in the seller’s home. It is always recommended that you view a puppy where it has been raised and with its mother. This is so that you can be sure the animal has been properly cared for and you are not buying from an unreputable ‘puppy farm’.


Cost is a huge consideration when buying a puppy. The price of puppies has more than doubled during lockdown, with popular breeds selling for £3,000 or more. Expensive? Yes! And this is before you have even factored in veterinary and insurance costs. Vets are seeing lots of new pet owners unable or reluctant to cover the additional costs needed for vaccinations, neutering and flea treatment. And don’t forget food and other accessories, such as bedding and toys.


Puppies are incredibly rewarding in many ways, however they are also very demanding of time. You may have lots of time to care for a puppy now, but what about when you return to work and school, and going on holiday? It is important to think about this before you buy a puppy. Who will care for it when things return to normal? Can you afford the help of a dog walker, sitter or boarding kennels in the future?


Many say that getting a new puppy is a lot like bringing home a new baby. At the beginning you will have sleepless nights and you will always need to keep your eye on them.  This on top of working from home, your usual household chores and home-schooling can become incredible stressful. So it is crucial to ask yourself “Can I deal with this additional responsibility right now?” before buying a puppy.

A puppy is for life, not just for lockdown

Remember, a puppy is a lifetime commitment. Please think very carefully about whether you can properly care for a dog, not just now, but also in the future when lockdown is lifted. If you do believe now is the right time, then you could also consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter, where there are still thousands of animals waiting for a new home and it should save you a lot of money.