4 Reasons to Celebrate National Walk the Dog Month

This February is National Walk the Dog Month! A month marked by dog lovers around the UK, which combines two things that bring many of us lots of happiness: dogs and walking. At Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs, we have highlighted five reasons to celebrate National Walk the Dog Month! We hope you find this dog walking article helpful!

Mobility Benefits

A regular dog walk, can really help to improve you and your pet’s joint mobility. As we get older, many dog owners and their canine companions can experience various joint related problems which in extreme cases can result in immobility. Senior dog walkers and older dogs will experience more aches and pains in their joints, with ailments such as arthritis and joint pain being the most common occurring conditions. A great way of helping to reduce joint pain is by regularly mobilising the area. This February, make sure you mobilise you and your dog’s joint areas by going on regular dog walks. However, if your dog is experiencing severe mobility issues, then always consult with a qualified Vet first before taking them out on a long walk and make sure you are regularly monitoring them for signs of discomfort.

2 Wellbeing

It is no secret that walking your dog helps to exercise both you and your pet’s body and mind. Mental and physical stimulation is vital for you and your dog’s overall wellbeing. By going on daily dog walks, connecting with nature and meeting up with other dog walkers at your local dog park, this can help to boost our endorphins making us feel more joyful and happy. Dog walks can also help owners and their dogs sleep better and enable them to start each day feeling more revitalised, as it is a great way of using daily exercise to release excess energy.

3 Digestion and Bladder Control

This February, celebrate National Walk the Dog Month by being good to you and your dog’s digestive systems. A daily dog walk can help control you and your companion’s digestion and help to relieve constipation. There are also huge health benefits associated with emptying your dog’s bladder on regular dog walks. A healthy urinary tract is vital for dogs as bladder infections can easily arise when urine remains in the bladder for a long time. By regularly emptying their bladder on daily dog walks, your pet can ensure their urinary tract remains in full working order and does not lead to potential health implications further on down the line. 

4 Lower Blood Pressure

Research has found that a dog walk of just fifteen minutes day can help to lower your blood pressure, resulting in you feeling less stressed and more relaxed. In extreme examples, high blood pressure can result in serious cardiovascular issues arising, such as strokes, heart failure and heart attacks. This February, make sure you and your dog enjoy lots of daily dog walks, as the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun will help to improve your wellbeing, protect you against heart disease, and optimise your physical performance.


There are lots of reasons to celebrate National Walk the Dog Month. Daily dog walks help to encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle and strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend. So, this February make the most of National Walk the Dog Month and embrace all the positive benefits associated with going a daily dog walk!