5 Cat and Dog Named Locations to Visit in the UK

For dog and cat owners seeking a pet themed adventure in the UK, there are unique locations that go beyond the ordinary. These places not only offer scenic beauty but are also named after our beloved four-legged friends, making them a must-visit for cat and dog owners alike. At Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs we have researched five cat and dog-named locations in the UK for you to consider visiting in 2024. We hope you find this article helpful!

1. Cat Bells, Lake District

Nestled within the picturesque Lake District, Cat Bells is a stunning location that attracts both hikers and cat enthusiasts alike. While the name of the location might strike a chord with cat owners, the panoramic views of Derwentwater are equally enchanting for dog walkers. If you enjoy visiting secure dog parks and going on hiking adventures with your canine companion, explore these well-marked trails, taking in the beauty of this iconic landscape that offers a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity.

2. Dogmersfield Park, Hampshire

Dogmersfield Park in Hampshire is a treat for both dogs and their owners. This historic estate boasts expansive grounds where dogs can frolic freely while owners appreciate the history and architecture of the surroundings. From manicured gardens to serene lakeside strolls, Dogmersfield Park provides a charming escape for pet owners looking for a blend of elegance and outdoor fun.

3. Cat and Fiddle Road, Peak District

Winding through the scenic Peak District, the Cat and Fiddle Road is a breathtaking drive that caters to both cat and dog lovers. As one of the highest roads in England, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. Drive through this picturesque route with your canine companion or feline friend, revelling in the natural beauty and capturing memorable moments with your pets against the stunning backdrop.

4. Dog Hill, Essex

Situated in the heart of Essex, Dog Hill is a quaint village that welcomes four-legged friends with open arms. The surrounding countryside provides plenty of opportunities for dog walks and exploration. Take a leisurely stroll through Dog Hill, immersing yourself in the charm of the village and let your dog enjoy the open spaces and fresh air.

5. Cat Village, Yorkshire

For a truly unique experience, Cat Village in Yorkshire beckons cat and dog owners to explore its charming streets. Formerly known as West Burton, this village earned its feline-inspired name due to the numerous cats that call it home. Wander through the cobbled streets, dogs in tow, and witness the harmonious coexistence of cats and dogs in this delightful village.


We hope you found this article interesting. Cat and dog-named locations offer a unique twist to your usual pet-friendly adventures, providing memorable experiences for both you and your pets. So, pack your bags, ready your pets and embrace the charm of these feline and canine inspired destinations in the UK. If you are interested in booking your dog’s place at our dog day care facility, then please call us on  01462 742658. We hope to see you here soon!