5 Top Tips to Introduce your Kitten to your Dog

Are you bringing home a new kitten but slightly worried about how your dog is going to respond to the new arrival? If yes, then this article will hopefully provide you with 5 top tips to help introduce your kitten to your dog and make the introduction as harmonious and stress free as possible. Enjoy!

1. Praise and Attention

Dogs can be very territorial especially when it comes to a new pet arriving. Even if you are hopeful that the introduction will be a positive one, you can never be certain.  For that reason, try and give your dog lots of attention and praise when you introduce the new kitten. It is important for your dog to know that they still have your full attention even when the new kitten arrives. Dog behavioural training can also help you to prepare your dog for meeting new arrivals and this is something many owners look in to when introducing a new pet to their home.

2. Prepare a Safe Space

A great way to make sure your new kitten feels safe and protected is to prepare a safe space in your home for them. Ensure that your kitten has a comfortable bed, a litter tray, and access to food and water in their safe space, and then simply let your kitten explore their new area.

3. The Power of Smell

Another great tip is to feed your dog and kitten on either side of a door, so they can smell each other before actually meeting. However, try and make sure your dog does not bark, growl or whine at the door as this can cause your kitten to experience anxiety and fear.

4. Swap Blankets

Having your new kitten and dog swap their blankets with one another is a great way of them being introduced to each other’s scents. This will help your kitten and dog to become more familiar and comfortable with each other before meeting face to face.  

5. Box and Leash

When introducing your pets to each other for the first time, you may want to keep your cat in a travel carrier and your dog on a secure leash. This will allow them to meet each other face to face without running the risk of your dog potentially attacking and becoming violent towards the kitten.  If this goes well then try and reward both of them by giving them lots of praise and affection. Positive reinforcement is highly advised.

We hope you found these five tips helpful when introducing your dog to your new kitten. If you have any further questions related to this article then please do speak with a member of the Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs team today and they will happy to receive your call. Hopefully, by following these five top tips, you can ensure the introduction between your kitten and dog goes to plan.